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“A perfect screen for my early morning departure while the rest of the windows are icy this screen protects and allows me to drive right away. No more scraping and freezing fingers. The magnets and flaps keep it in place through windy nights”

    The 2017 Classic iceScreen is our newest magnetic auto windshield cover. Keep your windshield ice, snow, and frost free even in the worst winter weather. The new 2017 Classic fits both cars and SUVs. 

    Stay warm. Stay dry. Get on your way. 

    • Easy-on, easy-off. Get on your way in less time that it takes to find your ice scraper
    • Tough & Durable. Constructed with military grade, double waterproof, reinforced oxford polyester
    • Designed to fit over your windshield. One-size fits most covers leave your windshield open to the elements and you'll still have to scrape. 
    • Stays put in bad weather using magnets - No need to worry about scratches or scrapes - the round magnets are covered with a gel padding to keep your paint job pristine
    NEW DESIGN Anti-theft wings. Larger wings with foam endings secures the iceScreen into your car doors
    NEW DESIGN Storm straps. Creates a tight and reliable fit for heavy winds and blizzards
    NEW DESIGN Windshield Wiper Cover. Designed to cover your windshield, wipers, and gutter
    NEW DESIGN Carry bag. Comes with it's own carry bag makes it easy to store without taking up valuable space in your car
    • NEW DESIGN Works on aluminum cars. Because a lot of new cars are made with aluminum instead of metal, the new 2017 Classic iceScreen can work with and without using the magnets.

    Mirror covers sold separately

    Size & Fit

    Dimensions: Width 62'' - Height 45"
    Vehicle Type: Mid size luxury cars, regular sized SUV
    Windshield Fit Size Similarities: Honda CRV, Civic, Buick, Lexus or similar

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