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Everything you need to survive winter.

This isn’t a typical emergency kit that you toss into your trunk and forget about. We asked ourselves, “How can we add the most useful items a driver would need this winter?” - and then built our kit from the ground up.  

Icescreen to keep your windshield clear? Check.
Dehumidifier to get rid of annoying car fog? Check.
Tire grips to get unstuck? Check.
External USB phone charger? It’s got that too .

Our 56 piece Ultimate Auto Winter Kit keeps you covered this winter. 

Winter Kit Highlights
Magnetic iceScreen™
Keeps your windshield, wipers, and gutter snow and ice-free so you don’t waste time scraping. (colors may vary)

Tire Grip Track
Get unstuck fast. Collapsible, unbreakable, lightweight grip track to get you out of snow, mud, or sand. 23” L x 7” W

Mirror Mittz™
Instant mirror visibility on all sizes of mirrors.   So easy to put on and take off, you can do it with your mittens on.
In-Car Dehumidifier
iceScreen car dehumidifier sucks up excess moisture so you can see clearly and breathe easy.  Reusable silica gel dehumidifier keeps your windows fog free and gets rid of those musty smells
Emergency Flashlight
Our bright, waterproof flashlight emits a warning beacon light, has a magnetic base to attach to your car, and a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker, just in case.
Military Folding Shovel & Ice Pick
Our military grade folding shovel is also an ice pick and a saw. Strong, tempered forged steel construction will stand up to any use and still pack down for easy storage. Extended length 16 inches, folded length 6 inches
Instant Handwarmer x 2 
Warm your fingers in one snap. Instant heat pads can be reused all winter long
USB Phone Charger 
Never run out of battery life again. Portable phone charger extends your battery up to 5 hours. Compatible with Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and other smartphones. Lithium battery capacity: 2200/2600mAh.
32pc First Aid Kit
Everything you need in case of an accident or emergency, including a NASA thermal blanket to stay warm. Be ready for anything.
And much more....

Kit also includes:

- Bear claw ice scraper to clear off your side and back windows
- Rubber grip gloves to keep your hands dry
- Streak free window drying sponge for max visibility
- Extra strength suction cups to keep your windshield cover put in high winds
- EVA durable carry bag (Bag dimensions: 15" x 13.5" )

The Ultimate Auto Winter Kit has all the right emergency tools in one handy bag.


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