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“Grateful for these Mirror Mittz daily! They look good, go on and off easy, and the ties keep them anchored in the vicious winds we sometimes get in Alaska winters.”

Mirror Mittz keep your side mirrors completely ice free all winter.

It’s practically impossible to chip away iced over mirrors with a wide, bulky ice scraper. Credit cards aren’t meant to stand up to ice. And you shouldn’t have to suffer frostbitten fingers just so you can see your mirrors.

• Fits over regular sized vehicle mirrors - mirror mittz’s adjustable fit keeps you ice free
• Removes in seconds so you can be on your way instead of shivering in the frigid weather
• So easy to use, you don’t have to take off your gloves or mittens to apply or remove
• Anti-theft: Secures easily to your car door, so no one can walk away with them
Ice free side mirrors in seconds - no scraping, no hassle.

Vehicle fit: Acadia, Ford Focus, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Truck, 2014 Chevy Cruze....

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