Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen


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The ice shield easily attaches to the body of your car with padded magnets, protecting your windshield from snow and ice through the Winter season.

The Deluxe Magnetic iceScreen™ is reinforced with 4 magnets, and includes a sun reflective side which can be used as a car accessory all year round

• 4 magnets for strong grip
• Sun reflective on reverse side
• Keeps the car warmer by reflecting the heat back into the car
• Flaps on both sides are secured into doors to protect the cover from wind & theft
• Removes ice, frost and snow in under a minute
• Made with durable, mildew and scratch resistant material
• Supplied with a self-storage bag

Size & Fit

Comes in one size: Universal (Large) 

Suggested Vehicle Fit: Compact, Economy, Mid size luxury cars, Regular sized SUV’s
Dimensions: Top 55.1'' - Bottom 63'' - Height 39.3''
Vehicle Models: Honda CRV, Buick, Lexus or similar

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