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iceScreen creates windshield covers for snow and ice that take the pain out of winter

iceScreen windshield screens connect snugly to your vehicle using high strength magnets.  They cover your windshield completely and stay put during storms to make sure your windshield stays snow and ice free.

Tough, durable, and easy to use, iceScreen’s car and truck window covers let you spend less time in the cold. No more straining to scrape your windshield. No more frozen hand and feet. Not more wasted gas trying to heat up your vehicle. And no more wasted time.

The iceScreen windshield cover snaps onto your car’s canopy using powerful magnets, offering overnight windshield protection from frost and ice during cold weather. In the morning, simply pull off the screen to reveal a pristine windshield. Save time on your commute and leave the ice scraper where it belongs: in the trash.

○ Waste less time scraping. iceScreen prevents windshield icing, so no need to hammer away with a scraper or credit card before you hit the road.
○ Removes in a flash
○ Sticks to your car with no added hardware

○ Uses magnets, so no tangling with suction cups or straps
○ Folds compactly into a convenient pouch for easy storage
○ Machine washable
○ Fabric-covered magnet secure points won’t leave marks on your windshield or vehicle, unlike some other car covers

○ Windproof design holds iceScreen tight thanks to seven strong magnets anchoring it in place
○ Flaps on side shut in doors for extra wind/theft/ninja protection
○ Durable waterproof construction prevents rips
○ Deluxe Edition iceScreen comes with 5 year warranty

○ Also protects from tree sap, rain and bird “presents”
○ Flips over for reflective windshield sun shade
○ Looks great even on luxury cars and sports cars, so no need to be embarrassed while protecting your car from ice

After surviving many frigid, near-apocalyptic winters in the UK, Dan decided enough was enough. Pledging to “scrape no more,” his team set out to create a high-quality car window screen product that could prevent window icing without the need for an engineering degree to use it every night. Thus, the iceScreen was born: a versatile windshield cover that installs in seconds, pulls off even quicker and holds up to the elements winter after winter.

Also try out Mirror Mittz! Slips over your sideview mirrors to prevent frosting. A long cinch cord pulls the Mirror Mittz sideview mirror covers tight. The cord can be shut in the door for anti-theft protection.