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Icescreen was created in the UK by Dan Miller in 2012. He was tired of struggling to get out the door on frigid British mornings. Trying to get the kids to school and getting to work on time meant scraping, running the car defroster for ages, or heating kettles of water to pour on the windshield to try to melt the ice faster. But every option left him frustrated.

He knew there had to be a better way.

He tried countless windshield covers, but was disappointed by the lack of quality and how difficult they were to use.  He thought you shouldn’t need an engineering degree just to cover up your windshield.

So Dan, who has a passion for creating products that make people’s lives easier,  decided to improve the quality and design by combining the best aspects of all the frost covers he tried. 

The first Icescreens were homemade, sewn in Dan’s living room.  

Soon, the Icescreen started getting a lot of attention. Emergency vehicle drivers noticed the covers and asked about them. Then friends and neighbors started asking for their own covers. After continuing to improve the design, and losing the use of the living room to sew all the covers, it was time to grow.

In 2014, Icescreen moved to the U.S. to tackle icy American winters. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign, Icescreen has been featured in numerous articles, television talk shows, and featured on best new products lists. 


“The storm has nothing on us. 'iceScreen' keeps ice, frost, and snow from sticking to your windshield so you can avoid the hassle of scraping your windshield in the mornings." -- Mashable
“It protects your windshield from ice, so you can spend less time in the cold. It works with a simple snap."-- Business Insider
"Throw Away That Scraper: Awesome New Product Ensures A Clear, Clean Windshield This Winter" -- WOMC CBS Local
"You will not regret having this Winter Kit set when you need it..." -- Live in the D (Detroit Morning Talk Show) - NBC 4 News
"Skip all the scraping and be presented each morning with a clear view of the road" -- The Detroit News


When you’re getting rave reviews all over Detroit, Michigan, you know you can take on winter. Icescreen quickly became a #1 Top Seller on Amazon and has happy customers from snowbound places all over the world - from the United States to Switzerland. 

Icescreen’s reputation for innovation and quality caught the attention of television producers and the company has been invited to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank. 

But we’re not content to rest on our laurels.

We’re constantly reviewing customer feedback and improving our products to make sure that Icescreen helps you conquer winter.

 Never Scrape Again