Car Dehumidifier

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Car Dehumidifier

 Fogged up windows aren’t just annoying, they’re unsafe.

That condensation on the inside of your windows happens because there is a temperature and moisture difference between the inside of your car and the outside.

In cold weather, just breathing creates enough moisture to fog up your windows.

Add in moisture from the air, melting snow from your boots, and wet gloves, hats, or ski clothes, and you’ve created a fog cloud in your car that makes driving dangerous.

All that excess moisture can also cause

• musty smell
• mildew
• increased rust & corrosion
• and even encourage bacteria and dust mites

The Icescreen car dehumidifier sucks up excess moisture so you can see clearly and breathe easy.

• Safe silica gel
• Reusable
• No power or batteries required

Simply place the the dehumidifier in your car and it immediately begins to absorb excess moisture.

When it’s full, the snowflake icon turns from blue to pink. To reuse, simply microwave the dehumidifier to dry it out.

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