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iceScreen and Realtree Camo - perfect outdoorsman gift

Posted on by iceScreen


Realtree Xtra Camo windshield protector

iceScreen has teamed up with Realtree™ to create a rugged windshield cover for Realtree Camo fans.

iceScreen, launched in the UK, moved to the United States in 2014 to tackle icy American winters. It quickly became a sensation in Detroit, Michigan, featured in numerous articles, television news stories, and best new products lists. 

iceScreen rapidly became a must have item in Detroit - helping people avoid spending time scraping windshields in the worst winter weather. iceScreen™ quickly became a #1 Top Seller on Amazon and has happy customers from snowbound places all over the world - from the United States to Switzerland. 

Now, they’ve teamed up with Realtree™ to create the most rugged, best looking looking windshield covers for pick-up trucks and SUV's. 

Constructed with tough, durable, military-grade oxford polyester, the Realtree Xtra Camo iceScreen covers vehicle windshield, wipers, and gutter to keep them snow and ice free all winter. No more scraping. No more wasted gas heating up a vehicle. No more wasted time. 

Realtree™ Xtra Camo iceScreen also comes with mirror mittz to keep vehicle side mirrors ice-free. With windshield and mirror covers, it’s easy to get out of the elements quickly. Conquer this winter in style.

"There will be no shortage of Christmas gifts for the outdoorsman and woman this year," said Dan Miller, CEO of iceScreen, "iceScreen is the best windshield cover on the market, and we are proud to offer our windshield covers with the Realtree camo pattern to our outdoor enthusiast."