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Covid-19 Update. We're in this together. What iceSreen is trying to do for you.

Posted on by iceScreen

During this difficult time, we wanted to offer our customers support by using all our resources to source essential items that would help you in this time of crisis. With this in mind we were able to pull together an emergency health kit for you and your families.

For governments and healthcare entities, let us know how we can help, please contact us at

Our Travel Kit includes the following items: 

Face masks

Effectively blocks all kinds of pollution, haze, bacterial virus, dust, pollen and more...

  • Non-woven outer layer
  • Cloth filter layer (filters over 95% of viruses)
  • Antibacterial SS non-woven inner layer

  • Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves offer three times the puncture resistance of latex gloves of comparable thickness, are resistant to a wider range of chemicals and provide greater protection.

  • Made of 100% Nitrile, a synthetic rubber which contains no natural rubber (Latex) proteins
  • Chemical resistant
  • Powder-free, non-latex
  • Suitable for latex-sensitive users

    Soap Sheets 

    Easier to carry than a bar of soap. These paper-thin soap sheets dissolve almost instantly in water, giving you a handful of cleansing suds anywhere. TSA compliant and biodegradable, the palm-size container holds 20 sheets.

    Hand Sanitizer

    Non-toxic, dye-free with aloe. 99.9% effective in killing disease carrying germs. Rinsing and drying of hands is not required.

    Forehead Thermometers

    Temp-N-Toss disposable forehead thermometer strips are the fast, easy, and eco-friendly way to check for a fever or monitor temperatures for children and adults. Strips are also perfect for travel; just slip them in a pocket, purse so you can always have them on hand.

  • Free of latex, mylar, glass, mercury and other harmful chemicals
  • No batteries requires 

  • Protective Clothing

    Made of new eco-friendly 100% EVA. Protect yourself while venturing outside your house, whether is be for grocery shopping, exercise or work these clothes covers will give you an extra layer or protection

  • Non-toxic, durable, waterproof and reusable
  • Soft, comfortable to wear foldable
  • Light weight and easily folded up to carry in a backpack or tote
  • Transparent, quality buttons with a hood & drawstring 
  • Length on the sleeves and down the legs
  • Unisex, one size fits most, perfect for men, women, and adolescents

  • Emergency Blanket

    NASA thermal blanket, flexible and adjusts to help keep you warm in drastic temperatures. 

    We will be fulfilling orders as they come in, and will continue to try and source additional items to help you all get through this difficult time. 

    As a special request, please be mindful of your neighbor and only take what you need. 

    We would love to hear your requests for any additional items you would like to see added to the kit.