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Practical Benefits of Windshield Car Covers - Winter Driving Tips

Posted on by iceScreen

Winter Driving Tips

Practical Benefits of Windshield Car Covers

iceScreen makes keeping your windshield ice-free all winter long as simple as can be thanks to its ingenious product design. You can apply the iceScreen in seconds, pull it off even quicker and re-use it winter after winter.

These features make it easy, fast and even fun to use. You can cut wasted time out of your morning routine while doing a better job of making your windshield ice-free than with a scraper alone.

No More Half-Scraped Windows

While some people may think that a half-done ice scraping job will cut it, there are several reasons why the crystal clear, ice-free windows iceScreen creates are a much better, cheaper and safer way to drive during the winter.

Save on Gas

Running your defroster on full blast every morning consumes a good deal of electricity. The blower motor used to push hot air from your radiator lines to your defroster vent typically runs on a 12V circuit, which drains on your alternator and decreases fuel mileage. Combine this electricity use with the fact that you’re likely running seat warmers, the radio and lights, and you can see how the iceScreen windshield cover puts money back in your pocket every morning you drive.

Winter Driving Safety

Many morning drivers, especially those in a hurry, tend to scrape only enough ice to see out their windshield. This tiny little “porthole” through the ice decreases visibility and prevents you from seeing half of the other objects on the road.

One poor 15 year old girl in Snohomish, Washington was struck last January by a woman in a pickup truck driving with her windshield still almost completely iced. Don’t put yourself and others at risk; use the iceScreen car window screen to have your window 100% clear without any added time to your morning routine.

Avoid Tickets

To prevent the type of accidents described above, state and local laws have been instituted requiring vehicle owners to completely clear their car of snow and ice before driving on public roads. New Jersey passed such a law just five years ago.

Fines can range from $25 to upwards of $100. If you are found at-fault for an accident resulting from poor visibility or snow coming off your vehicle, that fine can increase to $1,000 or more. Stay on the right side of the law the easy way by putting an iceScreen windshield cover on your car every night.

There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, need a little assistance to know which windshield cover fits your car? We'd love to help, drop us a line at