Winter Colder, Wetter

Posted on September 01, 2017 by Dan Miller

Winter of 2017 Colder, Wetter

Meteorologists are predicting a colder and wetter winter for 2016/2017.

Besides colder than normal temps in many parts of the U.S. and Canada, above-average precipitation and snowfall are predicted as well.

If your vehicle isn’t garaged, you are facing hours in the cold scraping ice and snow off your windshield and mirrors.

But you can avoid the misery of chipping ice and get on your way faster with Icescreen’s windshield covers for cars and trucks.


car cover ice Shield for winter


Give the gift of time and safety this Christmas

iceScreen’s ice, snow, and frost covers make great gifts for older drivers, parents with young children, professionals who leave their vehicles in open lots, college students… anyone who wants to spend less time in the cold and get on their way quickly and safely this winter.

Easy to use, anti-theft, and packs small for storage, iceScreen removes in seconds and keeps your windshield ice, snow, and frost free through the worst winter weather.  

IceScreen has teamed up with Realtree to create a exclusive rugged windshield cover

And for the Realtree Camo fans in your life, Realtree™ Camo Magnetic Icescreen covers their truck in style.

Extra large to cover truck windshield, wipers, and gutter, Realtree Xtra® Camo’s 12 natural colors and 3D pattern are combined with the tough, military grade oxford polyester Icescreen to create a windshield snow cover that looks great and keeps your truck ice-free all winter.

Stay warm, dry, and safe - and get on your way in less time that it takes to find your scraper - with Icescreen magnetic windshield covers.  

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iceScreen and Realtree Camo - perfect outdoorsman gift

Posted on December 01, 2016 by Dan Miller


Realtree Xtra Camo windshield protector

iceScreen has teamed up with Realtree™ to create a rugged windshield cover for Realtree Camo fans.

iceScreen, launched in the UK, moved to the United States in 2014 to tackle icy American winters. It quickly became a sensation in Detroit, Michigan, featured in numerous articles, television news stories, and best new products lists. 

iceScreen rapidly became a must have item in Detroit - helping people avoid spending time scraping windshields in the worst winter weather. iceScreen™ quickly became a #1 Top Seller on Amazon and has happy customers from snowbound places all over the world - from the United States to Switzerland. 

Now, they’ve teamed up with Realtree™ to create the most rugged, best looking looking windshield covers for pick-up trucks and SUV's. 

Constructed with tough, durable, military-grade oxford polyester, the Realtree Xtra Camo iceScreen covers vehicle windshield, wipers, and gutter to keep them snow and ice free all winter. No more scraping. No more wasted gas heating up a vehicle. No more wasted time. 

Realtree™ Xtra Camo iceScreen also comes with mirror mittz to keep vehicle side mirrors ice-free. With windshield and mirror covers, it’s easy to get out of the elements quickly. Conquer this winter in style.

"There will be no shortage of Christmas gifts for the outdoorsman and woman this year," said Dan Miller, CEO of iceScreen, "iceScreen is the best windshield cover on the market, and we are proud to offer our windshield covers with the Realtree camo pattern to our outdoor enthusiast."


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iceScreen in Chicago

Posted on July 07, 2016 by Dan Miller

On Tuesday 12th July to the 14th, iceScreen will be showing at an exhibition, the ASI Show Chicago.

We would like to invite interested parties and key retail partners to visit our booth to discuss new opportunities for the upcoming Winter season. We are offering customized iceScreens at a very competitive price. Get your company name, logo or text branded across your iceScreen - anything is possible. View our catalog.

Alternatively, if you are not a business and just passing through, we are offering you the opportunity to grab one of our effortless products - we would love to see you.

How to find us
ASI Chicago 2016
McCormick Place 
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL, USA
12th -14th of July, 2016
Booth #114

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Awesome Write Up from ManCaveMasters

Posted on February 05, 2016 by Dan Miller

"Clear Your Icy Windows In Seconds With The iceScreen

There’s not much more aggravating than being late for work because you have to scrape ice off of your car’s front windshield on a cold, blustery morning. Ug. We’ve all been there and, believe us, we don’t want a replay anytime soon. That’s why iceScreen is here to save your day.

The iceScreen is an all-weather windshield cover that is unmatchable in functionality. This windscreen cover keeps ice, frost, and snow off your window and it’s super easy to use.

The ingenious design of the ice shield features magnets on its underside, which make it fast and easy to attach to the windshield. Simply place it on the glass, and wrap the flaps inside both front doors to secure it from the wind. The flaps also double as an anti-theft deterrent.

The sturdy oxford material holds up to the most brutal weather conditions; it is waterproof and scratch resistant. The durable iceScreen comes in a range of sizes as different vehicles have different windshield dimensions. The one we link to here is a large standard cover that measures 8 x 6 x 0.5 inches; it is ideal for an SUV. Simply click on the “icescreen” username at the top of the linked Amazon page to see all cover sizes available."

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Live In The D - Features iceScreen

Posted on December 18, 2015 by Dan Miller

iceScreen has been featured on "Live In The D" this year, showcasing one of our newest, most important products - the emergency Winter Kit. 


Find our Auto Winter Kit here

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What is a dehumidifier

Posted on November 16, 2015 by Dan Miller

Why do I need a Dehumidifier

Condensation forms when there is a difference between the temperature and moisture levels inside and outside the car. In colder weather, simply breathing can start to fog up your windows - this is inconvenient, or at worse dangerous. 

The excess water usually cause misty windows, musty smell, mildew, rust, corrosion and worse even dust mites on your seats.  The role of a dehumidifier is to effectively remove the water build up that is present in the air inside your car. 

To solve your humidity problems, grab yourself a car dehumidifier. Simply place it anywhere inside your car, and it will effectively remove your moisture problems.

The best auto dehumidifiers on the market are made with silica gel, these are safe, eco friendly and highly effective. Silica is a natural mineral solid which thrives on moisture - making it the ideal ingredient, it is also reusable and can be easily reset with heat. 

Find the perfect dehumidifier that fits your budget and car.

Car dehumidifer



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iceScreen comes to Michigan

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Dan Miller

iceScreen to Open New Location in Great Lakes Crossing, MI

Winter is approaching quickly across the Great Lakes region, and drivers are beginning the annual fight with their ice scrapers. Fortunately, residents of Great Lakes Crossing, Michigan and the surrounding areas, can forego this yearly struggle with an iceScreen. The iceScreen invention allows drivers to get on the road without worrying about ice buildup from the night before. It will be available at the new iceScreen retail store over the Holidays. Stop in and get that windshield cover this winter. 

The newest iceScreen retail store will officially open in Great Lakes Crossing, Michigan on November 1. 

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