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"'iceScreen' keeps ice, frost, and snow from sticking to your windshield so you can avoid the hassle of scraping your windshield in the mornings."
Snow storm has nothing on us!
"It protects your windshield from ice, so you can spend less time in the cold. It works with a simple snap."
Never scrape ice off your windshield again with this special screen
Business Insider
"Let's face it, instead of wasting time scraping your life away, you could be using that time attending to other important matters in your life."
Brace Yourself...Winter is Coming
"Skip all the scraping and be presented each morning with a clear view of the road."
Soup it up: Device shields windshields from frost, ice
The Detroit News
"The iceScreen is an all-weather windshield cover that is unmatchable in functionality. "
Clear Your Icy Windows In Seconds With The iceScreen
Man Cave Master
"Live in the D has last-minute shopping ideas"
Live in the D has last-minute shopping ideas
Detriot Morning Talk Show Live in the D - NBC 4 News
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